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What to Do in an Emergency Situation

If a Member is Injured

If a member has an accident, such as a fall, while you are with them, DO NOT attempt to move the member. Call 911 Immediately!

Tell the dispatcher that you are a Chincoteague Village Neighbors’ Volunteer, the nature of the emergency, the identity of the Member, and the exact location of the emergency. To the best of your ability answer any additional questions the dispatcher may have.

Stay with the Member until Emergency Medical Service (EMS) arrives, reassuring the Member that help is on the way while encouraging them to relax and be as still as possible so as not to aggravate any injury. 

Notify the Village Neighbor's Coordinator 757-336-1993 as soon as possible to report any accident or injury.

If A Member Does Not Respond When You Arrive At Their Home 

Never enter a Member’s home without their permission.  You may however, look in the windows or even walk around to another door to knock, or check the back yard.  If after performing these steps and the Member has not been located, call both their home phone and their cell phone numbers. 

After waiting for 5 minutes with no response from the Member, Contact 911.  Tell the dispatcher that you are a Chincoteague Village Neighbors’ Volunteer and that you are at the Member’s home for a visit or transport but the Member has not responded to repeated phone calls or knocks at the door.  Tell the dispatcher that you are requesting a “welfare check”. 

While waiting for emergency personnel to arrive, contact the the Village Neighbor's Coordinator 757-336-1993 to inform them of the situation. 

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